Knowing that the true secrets of the Chinese dish are divulge only to the family members, the Chef master Zhen Lipin has transmitted them with trust to his nephew Zhen Chenhuo, which is now a part of the team of The Forbidden City.

The three chefs of The Forbidden City formed theirselfs as one, thanks to the extended period of learning from the most respected chef master from China: Zhen Lipin, the vice president of The National Association of Chefs, the vice president of The Association of Chefs “ZHEJIANG” and the president of The Association of Chefs “WENZHOU”.The first step in creating The Forbidden City was to develop a cook team compound by Chinese chefs really experimented, who can prepare every day the most delicious and authentic Chinese dishes.


After following the WENZHOU’s cooking classes, he became the apprentice of his uncle, Master ZHEN LIPIN, at “Wang Chao” Hotel – 4*. The gained experience helped him to become Master Chef at “ Hua Qiao” Hotel – 5*, where he had under command and trained 6 apprentices. Following to the Chinese tradition were the secrets of the kitchen are transmitted only to family members, he gain the knowledge of the most spectacular and delicious recipes and ingredients from his uncle. Even today, our customers can enjoy the real Chinese ancient recipes known only by him.

He has been in our team for 9 years.


In 2003 he was nominated with the best chef prize in Nantong – China.

He is a chef for 19 years and he has cooked in many Chinese restaurants both in China and Romania.

His experience is well reflected in the quality of his food.


Born in 1982, he studied at Qing Tian Zhejiang Kitchen School .
He was a chef in several Chinese restaurants, including: Dynasty King and Hualong in Qingtian.
With over 14 years of experience, you will be welcomed with traditional recipes.